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Davis Sedaris said he became a writer “when he started writing and stopped drinking about it”.

This package is designed to help you start writing and keep writing as you begin to make your writing goals a reality. We will work as a team to identify your goals, locate blocks/challenges and identify action steps that will get you to (or back to) the page with inspiration. Sessions in this 10 session package include building your writing vision, developing a consistent writing practice, navigating (triumphing over!) the inner critic and time management and developing one or more finished pieces such as short story, memoir or novel chapter, article, 3 blog entries or personal essay.

Writers of all genres and visions are welcome – from those who have a vision to publish to those interested in improving professional writing at work, those interested in writing for pleasure or legacy writing to share with family and friends.

You’ve got the calling. There is no turning back. You are committed to (addicted even!) to writing.

In this 10 session series, we will clarify your goals, capitalize on your strengths, create a success plan to complete your work. We will devote time each session to both the Mental Game (self-belief, motivation, confidence, consistency) and outer action (words on page, revision techniques, craft development and bringing your completed work successfully into form.

This package will move you forward to get you and your work ready to become a published author.

You’ve worked hard at your craft. You’ve taken your idea from vision to a completed book, articles, essay or story. It’s time to share your writing with the world.

In this series, we will partner to get your work published!

Sessions focus on both the …

Mental Game:

  • Confidence building
  • Moving past fears of rejection
  • Goal achieving


Outer Action:

  • Platform building
  • Researching publishers/publications
  • Querying
  • Pitching
  • Selling your work!

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